Va Cave Week 2014

Presented by friends of the Virginia Cave Board
Information on Cave Week Lessons



Cave Water Cycle Lesson Plan with Station Signs

Project Underground

Earth Science Week in the National Parks

Cave Scavenger Hunt - A learning activity designed by the Virgnia Cave Board

Karst Scavenger Hunt - A learning activity designed by the Virgnia Cave Board

Save the Dates for BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure

Bats in the Web of Life - 2012 Cave Week lesson plan by the Va Cave Board

Bats in the Classroom - Activities Across the Curriculum

Night Friends: Bats of the Americas - [National Wildlife Federation] (PDF File)

NASA: "The Story of Echo the Bat" - read a story tracing the life of a newborn bat

"Sinkholes in a Cup" - This lesson was adapted from the one in the Project Underground Activity Guide

Karst Resources for Teachers: check out lessons links and unit ideas.

"Sugar Cube Karst" lesson activity (PDF file)

"Karst Topography" activity

National Park Services: A Teachers Guide to Caves

"Karst Cave and Groundwater Contamination" Activity (PDF file)

"Down By the River" Activity

Lesson Resources

Bat Math Maze  -  click here for the answer

Hollow Ground: the Land of Caverns, Sinkholes, & Springs: A video for Middle and High School Students

Citizen Science Project on Bats (Bat Detective - Help scientists classify bat calls!)

Kinder Korner - All about bats

AIMS Books "Bats Incredible"

AGI - Leading a Field Trip

WNS Poster   (PDF file)





Aaron Moses straddling a pool - Photo by Rickey Shortt



Taking photos - Photo by Dave Socky




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